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 </​code>​ </​code>​
   * Reboot to test the update grub configuration.   * Reboot to test the update grub configuration.
-===Stop / disable unwanted services=== + 
-  * Disable iscsid ([[https://​​ubuntu/​+source/​ubuntu-meta/​+bug/​1630946|there is an open bug]]):<​code>​sudo systemctl disable iscsid.service</​code>​ +
-  * If you're not using software raid, disable the monitor:<​code>​update-rc.d mdadm disable</​code>​ +
-  * Remove snapd:<​code>​sudo apt purge snapd</​code>​+
 ====Misc==== ====Misc====
   * Multi-user target (not graphical):<​code>​sudo systemctl set-default</​code>​   * Multi-user target (not graphical):<​code>​sudo systemctl set-default</​code>​
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