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 ~~TOC~~ ~~TOC~~
 =====PC Engines APU, Arch Linux - Ubertooth===== =====PC Engines APU, Arch Linux - Ubertooth=====
-====Install ​(from git)====+ 
 +====Install ​and update firmware====
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 pacman -S cmake pacman -S cmake
-git clone https://​​greatscottgadgets/​libbtbb.git +curl -OL https://​​greatscottgadgets/​libbtbb/​archive/​2017-03-R2.tar.gz 
-cd libbtbb+curl -OL https://​​greatscottgadgets/​ubertooth/​releases/​download/​2017-03-R2/​ubertooth-2017-03-R2.tar.xz 
 +tar zxvf 2017-03-R2.tar.gz 
 +cd libbtbb-2017-03-R2
 mkdir build mkdir build
 cd build cd build
Line 14: Line 18:
 make install make install
-git clone https://​​greatscottgadgets/​ubertooth.git + 
-cd ubertooth/​host+tar xvf ubertooth-2017-03-R2.tar.xz  
 +cd ubertooth-2017-03-R2/host
 mkdir build mkdir build
 cd build cd build
 cmake .. cmake ..
 make make
-sudo make install+make install
 echo "/​usr/​local/​lib"​ >>/​etc/​​local.conf echo "/​usr/​local/​lib"​ >>/​etc/​​local.conf
Line 26: Line 31:
 +cd ubertooth-2017-03-R2/​ubertooth-one-firmware-bin/​
 +ubertooth-dfu -d bluetooth_rxtx.dfu -r 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-====Update firmware==== 
-curl -Ol https://​​greatscottgadgets/​libbtbb/​archive/​2017-03-R2.tar.gz 
-curl -OL https://​​greatscottgadgets/​ubertooth/​releases/​download/​2017-03-R2/​ubertooth-2017-03-R2.tar.xz 
-tar xf ubertooth-2017-03-R2.tar.xz ​ 
-cd ubertooth-2017-03-R2/​ubertooth-one-firmware-bin/​ 
-/​usr/​local/​bin/​ubertooth-dfu -d bluetooth_rxtx.dfu -r  
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