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Bacula server on CentOS 6.4

Using MySQL backend.

Install packages

yum install bacula-client.x86_64 bacula-common.x86_64 bacula-console.x86_64 bacula-console-bat.x86_64 bacula-director-common.x86_64 bacula-director-mysql.x86_64 bacula-docs.x86_64 bacula-storage-common.x86_64 bacula-storage-mysql.x86_64 mysql-server

Configure MySQL

Start MySQL server:

service mysqld start

Secure installation:


Create database, tables, set grants

/usr/libexec/bacula/grant_mysql_privileges -u dbuser -p
/usr/libexec/bacula/create_mysql_database -u dbuser -p
/usr/libexec/bacula/make_mysql_tables -u dbuser -p
/usr/libexec/bacula/grant_bacula_privileges -u dbuser -p

Set bacula password

mysql -u root -p

set password for bacula=password('password'); 
set password for bacula@localhost=password('password'); 

Configure bacula and start at boot

chkconfig bacula-dir on
chkconfig bacula-sd on
chkconfig bacula-fd on
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