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Check_MK monitoring (raw rpm) - CentOS7

Use this guide to install the latest RAW version of Check_MK.

Install OS

  • Configure your network.
  • Configure NTP.
  • Disable SELinux. Normally i would let SELinux be enabled, but with a monitoring system it is one of the few exceptions I make. This service does too many things SELinux doesn't like.
  • Configure EPEL repository.
  • Create a separate /opt filesystem.

Install Check_MK

  • Install fonts (for RRD graphs):
    yum install dejavu-fonts-common dejavu-sans-mono-fonts dejavu-lgc-sans-mono-fonts
  • Download the latest CRE (Check_MK Raw Edition) for CentOS 7.
  • Install the CRE RPM:
    yum localinstall check-mk-raw-1.2.6p4-el7-34.x86_64.rpm

Configure CRE

  • Create a production site:
    # omd create prod
    Adding /opt/omd/sites/prod/tmp to /etc/fstab.
    Restarting Apache...OK
    Creating temporary filesystem /omd/sites/prod/tmp...OK
    Created new site prod with version 1.2.6p4.cre.
      The site can be started with omd start prod.
      The default web UI is available at
      The admin user for the web applications is omdadmin with password omd.
      Please do a su - prod for administration of this site.
  • Start the prod site:
    omd start
  • Configure the site:
    omd config


  • Open the appropriate firewall ports (eg. port 80/443)

Upgrade Check_MK

  • Download the new version, for example: check-mk-raw-1.2.6p6-el7-34.x86_64.rpm
  • Install the new version:
    rpm -ivh check-mk-raw-1.2.6p6-el7-34.x86_64.rpm
  • Switch to site user (prod):
    su - prod
  • Stop OMD:
    omd stop
  • Update OMD, select the newer version:
    omd update
  • Check versions:
    OMD[prod]:~$ omd versions
    1.2.6p6.cre (default)
  • Start OMD:
    omd start
  • Test!
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