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Archlinux - Compile Alpine


Setup archlinux

  • Install packages:
    sudo pacman -S base-devel ca-certificates

Configure alpine

Extract the archive and enter the directory alpine-2.20:

tar xf alpine-2.20.tar.xz
cd alpine-2.20

Compile alpine

  • Compile and install:
    sudo make install

Setup Alpine

  • Start alpine. And exit the greeting text with 'e'.
    #or create alias to start alpine and load config from IMAP Server:
    #Add line below to ~/.bashrc
    alias alpine='alpine -p "{mail.server.tld/}remote_pinerc"'

Configure Alpine Options

smpt/imap tls and ssl

Press s → c

Personal Name: Your Name
User Domaine: yourdomain.tld
SMTP Server (for sending): smtp.server.tld:25/tls/user=johndoe@mailserver.tld
Inbox path: {imap.server.tld:993/ssl/user=johndoe@mailserver.tld}inbox
Default Fcc (File carbon copy): {imap.server.tld:993/ssl/user=johndoe@mailserver.tld}Sent

If you want to use a postponed folder you can configure it, but it will ask you every time if you want to edit a postponed message

Postponed Folder: {imap.server.tld:993/ssl/user=johndoe@mailserver.tld}Drafts


Mark sent mail as seen

Press s → c

[X]  Mark Fcc Seen
IMAP folders

Press s → l → a

Nickname  : nickname
Server    : imap.server.tld:993/ssl/user=johndoe@mailserver.tld
Path      :
View      :
[X]  Hide Empty Directories
[X]  Separate Folder and Directory Entries
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