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CPU Flags i7-6770HQ

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6770HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz

CPU Flag description
3dnowprefetch 3DNow prefetch instructions
abm Advanced Bit Manipulation
acpi ACPI via MSR (temperature monitoring and clock speed modulation)
adx ADCX and ADOX instructions
aes Advanced Encryption Standard
aperfmperf APERFMPERF
apic Onboard APIC
arat Always Running APIC Timer
arch_perfmon Intel Architectural PerfMon
avx Advanced Vector Extensions
avx2 AVX2 instructions
bmi1 1st group bit manipulation extensions
bmi2 2nd group bit manipulation extensions
bts Branch Trace Store
clflush Cache Line Flush instruction
clflushopt Provides unordered version of CLFLUSH
cmov CMOV instructions (conditional move) (also FCMOV)
constant_tsc TSC ticks at a constant rate
cx8 CMPXCHG8 instruction (64-bit compare-and-swap)
de Debugging Extensions (CR4.DE)
ds_cpl CPL Qual. Debug Store
dtes64 64-bit Debug Store
dtherm Digital Thermal Sensor
dts Digital Thermal Sensor / Debug Trace Store ?
eagerfpu Non lazy FPU restore
epb IA32_ENERGY_PERF_BIAS support
ept Intel Extended Page Table
erms Enhanced REP MOVSB/STOSB
est Enhanced SpeedStep
f16c 16-bit fp conversions (CVT16)
flexpriority Intel FlexPriority
fma Fused multiply-add
fpu Onboard FPU (floating point support)
fsgsbase {RD/WR}{FS/GS}BASE instructions
hle Hardware Lock Elision
ht Hyper-Threading
hwp Hardware P-States
hwp_act_window HWP Activity window control
hwp_epp HWP energy/performance preference control
hwp_notify HWP Notification upon dynamic Guaranteed Performance change
ida Intel Dynamic Acceleration
intel_pt Intel Processor Tracing
invpcid Invalidate Processor Context ID
lahf_lm Load AH from Flags (LAHF) and Store AH into Flags (SAHF) in long mode
lm Long Mode (x86-64)
mca Machine Check Architecture
mce Machine Check Exception
mmx Multimedia Extensions
monitor Monitor/Mwait support (Intel SSE3 supplements)
movbe Move Data After Swapping Bytes instruction
mpx Memory Protection Extension
msr Model-Specific Registers (RDMSR, WRMSR)
mtrr Memory Type Range Registers
nonstop_tsc TSC does not stop in C states
nopl The NOPL (0F 1F) instructions
nx Execute Disable
pae Physical Address Extensions (support for more than 4GB of RAM)
pat Page Attribute Table
pbe Pending Break Enable (PBE# pin) wakeup support
pcid Process Context Identifiers
pclmulqdq Perform a Carry-Less Multiplication of Quadword instruction — accelerator for GCM)
pdcm Performance Capabilities
pdpe1gb One GB pages (allows hugepagesz=1G)
pebs Precise-Event Based Sampling
pge Page Global Enable (global bit in PDEs and PTEs)
pln Intel Power Limit Notification
pni SSE-3 (“Prescott New Instructions”)
popcnt Return the Count of Number of Bits Set to 1 instruction (Hamming weight, i.e. bit count)
pse Page Size Extensions (4MB memory pages)
pse36 36-bit PSEs (huge pages)
pts Intel Package Thermal Status
rdrand Read Random Number from hardware random number generator instruction
rdseed The RDSEED instruction
rdtscp Read Time-Stamp Counter and Processor ID
rep_good rep microcode works well
rtm Restricted Transactional Memory
sdbg Silicon Debug
smap Supervisor Mode Access Prevention
smep Supervisor Mode Execution Protection
ss CPU self snoop
sse Intel SSE vector instructions
sse2 SSE2
sse4_1 SSE-4.1
sse4_2 SSE-4.2
ssse3 Supplemental SSE-3
syscall SYSCALL (Fast System Call) and SYSRET (Return From Fast System Call)
tm Automatic clock control (Thermal Monitor)
tm2 Thermal Monitor 2
tpr_shadow Intel TPR Shadow
tsc Time Stamp Counter (RDTSC)
tsc_adjust TSC adjustment MSR 0x3b
tsc_deadline_timer TSC deadline timer
vme Virtual Mode Extensions (8086 mode)
vmx Hardware virtualization: Intel VMX
vnmi Intel Virtual NMI
vpid Intel Virtual Processor ID
x2apic x2APIC
xgetbv1 XGETBV with ECX = 1
xsave Save Processor Extended States: also provides XGETBY,XRSTOR,XSETBY
xsavec XSAVEC
xsaveopt Optimized Xsave
xtopology cpu topology enum extensions
xtpr Send Task Priority Messages
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