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'scanning' negatives with digital camera

Here are some hints when 'scanning' negatives with an Olympus OM-D EM-5 digital camera with 60mm macro lens.


  • Photograph back side (emulsion)


  • Largest ratio for sensor (3:2)
  • Base ISO (200)
  • IS off
  • Sharpening & Noise filter off
  • Whitebalance (white) in camera on blank film
  • Zuiko 60mm MACRO at f/4
  • Shutterspeed: 1/125


  • FL600R
  • Intensity: 1/128 (for lens at f/4)

Adobe Camera Raw

  • Rotate
  • Invert image (curve)
  • Sharpening 0
  • Noise reduction 0
  • Convert to grayscale (Default, not auto)
  • Camera profile: Camera Neutral

Adobe Photoshop

  • Proof colors: Ctl-y
  • Proof setup: Monitor RGB
  • Set correct DPI (for 100% view)
  • Image grayscale
  • 16bit


  • Aperture of lens did have great effect.
  • Photographing emulsion side had a marginal effect (better).
  • Stacking 10 imgages did not reduce noise, so it probably is grain (clusters).
  • Noise filter didn't have a real effect (leave it to off).
  • Green channel from raw file gives most detail.
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