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 ====Services==== ====Services====
-===Install ​NTPd===+===SMART monitoring tools=== 
 +  * Install ​package:<​code>​yum install smartmontools 
 +systemctl enable smartd.service 
 +systemctl start smartd.service</​code>​ 
 +  * Show SMART info:<​code>​smartctl --all /​dev/​sda</​code>​ 
 +===Install chronyd===
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-yum install ​ntp+yum install ​chronyd
-# edit ntp servers in /etc/ntp.conf+# edit ntp servers in /etc/chrony.conf
-systemctl enable ​ntpd.service +systemctl enable ​chronyd.service 
-systemctl start ntpd.service+systemctl start chronyd.service
-#​Check ​NTPd status +#​Check ​chronyd ​status 
-ntpq -p+chronyc sources
 #Check settings with timedatectl #Check settings with timedatectl
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