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HP P222 configuration

Show RAID config

Add 'detail' to the command below for more detail.

# hpssacli controller slot=1 show config

Smart Array P222 in Slot 1                (sn: PDSXH0BRH6E0ZP)

   array A (SAS, Unused Space: 0  MB)

      logicaldrive 1 (558.7 GB, RAID 1+0, OK)

      physicaldrive 2I:1:1 (port 2I:box 1:bay 1, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:2 (port 2I:box 1:bay 2, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:3 (port 2I:box 1:bay 3, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:4 (port 2I:box 1:bay 4, SAS, 300 GB, OK)

   SEP (Vendor ID PMCSIERA, Model SRCv8x6G) 380 (WWID: 50014380305FB0DF)

Show status

# hpssacli controller slot=1 show status

Smart Array P222 in Slot 1
   Controller Status: OK
   Cache Status: OK
   Battery/Capacitor Status: OK

Enable drive write cache

CAUTION: Because physical drive write cache is not battery-backed, you could lose data if a power failure occurs during a write process. To minimize this possibility, use a backup power supply“

  • First get current cache status:
    # hpssacli controller slot=1 show config detail |grep -i cache
       Cache Serial Number: PBKUA0BRH6E54G
       Wait for Cache Room: Disabled
       Cache Board Present: True
       Cache Status: OK
       Cache Ratio: 25% Read / 75% Write
       Drive Write Cache: Disabled
       Total Cache Size: 512 MB
       Total Cache Memory Available: 304 MB
       No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
       Cache Backup Power Source: Capacitors
       Cache Module Temperature (C): 35
  • Enable drive write cache:
    # hpssacli controller slot=1 modify dwc=enable
    Warning: Without the proper safety precautions, use of write cache on physical 
             drives could cause data loss in the event of power failure.  To ensure
             data is properly protected, use redundant power supplies and
             Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Also, if you have multiple storage
             enclosures, all data should be mirrored across them. Use of this
             feature is not recommended unless these precautions are followed.
             Continue? (y/n) 
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