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2015 leap second / schrikkelseconde

Catching a leap second…

You can find audio and video at the bottom of the page. Click on the photo's several times to fully zoom in.


I recorded the following seconds:

Tunderbolt GPSDO58 59 60 00 01 02Yes
Meinberg LANTIME M20058 59 59 00 01 02Yes
hopf DCF 700158 59 60 01 02 03No
Conrad DCF Time Terminal58 59 00 01 02 03No


Test setup
Test setup:

  • Icom IC9100 tranceiver for receiving DCF77 and recording it with a Roland R-05.
  • Laptop with Lady Heather software as display for the Thunderbolt GPSDO.
  • Conrad DCF Time Terminal
  • Meinberg LANTIME M200
  • hopf DCF 7001
  • Thunderbolt GPSDO

Temporary GPS and DCF antenna's
Temporary GPS and DCF antenna's.

DCF leap event announced
DCF77 leap event announced, notice the D_A (daylight saving time, announce) on the hopf clock.

During the leap second
During the leap second.

Lady Heather leap second
During the leap second, Lady Heather software




  • NTP server
    Jul  1 01:59:59 ntp1 kernel: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC
    Jul  1 01:59:59 ntp1 systemd: Time has been changed
    Jul  1 02:00:00 ntp1 ntpd[800]: 061b 0b leap_event
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