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 ===Demonstrate knowledge of Hiera=== ===Demonstrate knowledge of Hiera===
 <color lightblue>to do...</color> <color lightblue>to do...</color>
 ===Describe the usage of MCollective=== ===Describe the usage of MCollective===
-  * Log in as peadmin (cli). +  * Log in as peadmin (cli). <code>su - peadmin</code> 
-  * Install, enable and start the MCollective agent on the client (yum install mcollective)+  * Install, enable and start the MCollective agent on the client:<code>yum install mcollective</code>
   * Test connectivity: <code>peadmin@puppet:~$ mco ping   * Test connectivity: <code>peadmin@puppet:~$ mco ping                time=51.06 ms                time=51.06 ms
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