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 {{::img_2158.jpg?nolink&600|}} \\ {{::img_2158.jpg?nolink&600|}} \\
-//Photo of older version firmware.//+//Photo of older version firmware, i'm now at v1.05.//
 {{::img_2155.jpg?nolink&600|}} {{::img_2155.jpg?nolink&600|}}
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   * Jumper wires.   * Jumper wires.
   * QCX Firmware [[]].   * QCX Firmware [[]].
-  * Connect a dummy load!+  * **Connect a dummy load! I did see a unit going into transmit when connected to the RPi, during flashing transmit was off. I haven't investigated how and why this happens.**
 ====Configure raspbian==== ====Configure raspbian====
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