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 ====Disable HDMI==== ====Disable HDMI====
- +  * Add lines below to /​etc/​rc.local,​ above exit 0<​code>​
-<​code>​Add lines below to /​etc/​rc.local,​ above exit 0+
 # Disable HDMI # Disable HDMI
 /​usr/​bin/​tvservice -o</​code>​ /​usr/​bin/​tvservice -o</​code>​
 {{tag>​[hardware rpi raspberry pi linux]}} {{tag>​[hardware rpi raspberry pi linux]}}
 +====Disable Other wifi adapters====
 +  * Recent Raspbian distributions use dhcpcd5 for connectivity. You can deny configuration of an interface by configuring ''/​etc/​dhcpcd.conf''<​code>​denyinterfaces wlan1</​code>​
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