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 +{{tag>​[linux efi uefi bios]}} 
 +=====Linux - Remove EFI BIOS entry===== 
 +  * List EFI entries: <​code>#​ efibootmgr -v 
 +Timeout: 10 seconds 
 +BootOrder: 0000,​0007,​0006,​0008 
 +Boot0000* rEFInd ​       HD(2,​1b8,​64000,​f1b7598e-baa8-16ea-4ef6-3ff3b606ac1e)File(\EFI\refind\refind.efi) 
 +Boot0006* Hard Drive    BIOS(2,​0,​00)SATA:​ ST32000542AS ​           . 
 +Boot0007* CD/DVD Drive  BIOS(3,​0,​00)PATA:​ HP DVD Writer 1040r     . 
 +Boot0008* INTERNAL EFI SHELL: ST32000542AS ​     ACPI(a0341d0,​0)PCI(1f,​2)ATAPI(1,​0,​0)HD(2,​1b8,​64000,​f1b7598e-baa8-16ea-4ef6-3ff3b606ac 
 +  * Delete entry 0000 for example:<​code>#​ efibootmgr -b 0000 -B</​code>​
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