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Line 2: Line 2:
 =====RouterOS certificate example===== =====RouterOS certificate example=====
-<code>+  * Create certificates on server:<code>
 /certificate /certificate
 add name=ca-template common-name=myCa key-usage=key-cert-sign,crl-sign days-valid=1100 add name=ca-template common-name=myCa key-usage=key-cert-sign,crl-sign days-valid=1100
Line 19: Line 19:
 /certificate export-certificate CA-DC /certificate export-certificate CA-DC
 /certificate export-certificate client-hq export-passphrase=xxxxxxxx /certificate export-certificate client-hq export-passphrase=xxxxxxxx
- +</code> 
- +  * Import on client routeros:<code>
-### on client routeros:+
 /certificate import /certificate import
 </code> </code>
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