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UEFI Virtual Machine for testing

This instruction lets you create a UEFI VM for testing with an external USB-drive on a Fedora host.


  • Install tools:
    dnf install virt-install virt-viewer libvirt
  • Add yourself to the libvirt group.
  • Lookup the USB drive device, for example /dev/sda.

The UEFI virtual machine

  • Create the VM with UEFI support:
    virt-install --connect qemu:///system --name uefi    \
        --vcpus 4               \
        --memory 2048           \
        --disk /dev/sda,bus=usb,removable=true \
        --boot uefi,menu=on     \
        --os-variant rhl7       \
  • Open console:
    virt-viewer --connect qemu:///system uefi
  • Force off:
    virsh --connect qemu:///system destroy uefi
  • Remove VM:
    virsh --connect qemu:///system undefine --nvram uefi
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