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KVM problem and workaround, starting saved VM


# virsh start vmname
error: Failed to start domain vmname
error: internal error: early end of file from monitor: possible problem:
id 0, group 0, virt start 0, virt end ffffffffffffffff, generation 0, delta 0
id 1, group 1, virt start 7f315ce00000, virt end 7f3160dfe000, generation 0, delta 7f315ce00000
id 2, group 1, virt start 7f3158c00000, virt end 7f315cc00000, generation 0, delta 7f3158c00000
((null):60423): Spice-CRITICAL **: red_memslots.c:94:validate_virt: virtual address out of range
    virt=0xff000000ff00+0x14 slot_id=0 group_id=1
    slot=0x0-0x0 delta=0x0

Workaround: Remove saved state and start:

# virsh managedsave-remove vmname
Removed managedsave image for domain vmname

#virsh start vmname
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