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IBM P520 - upgrade firmware

Check sum:

sum 01EL350_149_038.rpm

Upgrade from RPM package:

rpm -Uvh --ignoreos 01EL350_149_038.rpm

Start upgrade

# diag
  • Enter → Task Selection
  • Update and Manage System Flash
  • Validate and Update System Firmware
  • /tmp/fwupdate/01EL350_149_038.img
  • F7 → YES
UPDATE AND MANAGE FLASH                                                                              802814

The image is valid and would update the temporary image to EL350_149.
The new firmware level for the permanent image would be EL340_039.

The current permanent system firmware image is EL340_039.
The current temporary system firmware image is EL340_039.

The file /var/update_flash_image can be removed
after the reboot.

***** WARNING: Continuing will reboot the system! *****

Do you wish to continue?

Make selection, use 'Enter' to continue.

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