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HP Proliant DL320e Gen8 v2

HP DL320e Gen8 v2, 4x SAS SFF

  • E3-1240v3 3.4GHz 4-core
  • 32GB ECC memory
  • P222 RAID controller
  • 4x 300GB 15k SAS
  • Dual NIC 361T

Configure hardware

  • Run HP SPP (Service Pack for ProLiant) for firmware updates.
  • Disable boot logo in BIOS.
  • Disable B120i RAID controller (we use the P222 controller)
  • Create RAID10 with 4 disks

Install CentOS 6.5

  • Install over the network (PXE), eth2 = management.
  • Set hostname.
  • Select time zone.
  • Set root password.
  • Configure filesystem.
    • Reduce swap to 4GB.
    • Reduce /home to 4GB.
    • Create /var 32GB.
    • Write changes to disk.
  • Install grub on /dev/sda (MBR)

Configure host

PCI Interface description
Internal eth2 management
Internal eth3 LACP VLAN trunk
Slot 1 eth0 LACP VLAN trunk
Slot 1 eth1 LACP VLAN trunk
  • Configure network
    • Edit /etc/sysconfig/network and add:
    • Configure management network /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth2.
    • Check /etc/resolv.conf.
  • Create user.
  • Configure repositories /etc/yum.repos.d.
  • Update.
  • Disable SSH root login.
  • Configure NTPd.
  • Configure root mail, relayhost.
  • Reboot (new kernel).
  • Install HP repository…
  • Install HP tools.
    yum -y install hponcfg hpacucli hpssacli hp-health

Install HP tools

  • hpacucli
  • hpasmcli
  • hp-health

Configure APCUPSd


HP Procurve 1810G - 24 port

  • Trunks → Trunk configuration → create
  • Trunks → Trunk membershipt → add ports to trunk (M & L)
  • VLANs → participation → tag VLANs on trunk

Configure bonding on CentOS: centos65_bonding.

Install KVM

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