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Huawei MU609 - send SMS using AT commands


Read the following documentation for more information:

  • ttyUSB0: MODEM port: simulated using USB, for AT command interaction and establishing data connection.
  • ttyUSB1: DIAG port: simulated using USB, for DIAG (diagnostic) command interaction (mainly used to debug modules at present).
  • ttyUSB2: PCUI port: simulated using USB, for AT command interaction only.
  • ttyUSB3: GPS NMEA port: simulated using USB, sending unsolicited indications for NMEA positioning data only.
  • ttyUSB4: GPS Control port: simulated using USB, for GPS AT command interaction only.
  • eth3: ECM port: for establishing communication connection.

Serial connection

  • Connect to the device:
    screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600

Send SMS using AT commands

  • optional: Reset the mobile terminal (MT). Wait for the MT to come back and reconnect:
  • optional: System configuration, you need to set CS or CS_ONLY, CS = circuit switched. If you want to set up a dataconnection, configure CS_PS. PS = packet switched. If you don't include CS, you will receive an error: +CMS ERROR: 500.
  • Check if SIM is ready or needs to be unlocked:
  • Are we registered to the network?
  • Configure message format, text mode:
  • Set text mode parameter (GSM):
  • Set SMS service center number:
  • Set Terminal Equipment (TE) character set:
  • Send message to number:
    at+cmgs="+31612345678" <enter>
    text text <ctrl-z>
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