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Intel Edison - recover firmware from OS X


This should work on OSX (not official instructions, just what worked for me):

  • Install Homebrew by running the command:
    ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • install dfu-util, coreutils, and gnu-getopt:
    brew install dfu-util coreutils gnu-getopt
  • Download and extract Edison Image. http:// and double click on the zip file to extract it. In your terminal change to the directory where you extracted the linux image (example your directory may be different)
    cd ~/Downloads/edison-image-ww36-14
  • Run the flashall script and then plug usb cable into board:

Note: Flashing takes a couple of minutes and there is no realtime progress meter etc. When the flashing is complete you will see a message saying “U-boot & Kernel System Flash Success…”

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