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PC Engines APU2 - Alpine Linux 3.9

Install Alpine in sys mode on local SSD.

  • Download Alpine Linux x86_64:
  • dd image to USB drive
  • Update APU2 BIOS if needed, connect via serial console.
  • Boot APU2 from USB, F10, select USB drive
  • At boot: press TAB
    Booting from Hard Disk...
    ISOLINUX 6.04 6.04-pre1 EHDD Copyright (C) 1994-2015 H. Peter Anvin et al
  • Type the name, append console settings and press ENTER:
    vanilla console=ttyS0,115200
     * Creating user login records ... [ ok ]
     * Wiping /tmp directory ... [ ok ]
     * Setting hostname ... [ ok ]
     * Starting busybox syslog ... [ ok ]
     * Starting firstboot ... [ ok ]
    Welcome to Alpine Linux 3.9
    Kernel 4.19.18-0-vanilla on an x86_64 (/dev/ttyS0)
    localhost login: 
  • Log in with root and no password.
  • Run the setup-alpine script.
  • Reboot with the same console 'trick' as above.
  • Add a new user with adduser.
  • Edit /etc/motd.
  • Enable serial console access, edit /etc/update-extlinux.conf, then run update-extlinux
  • reboot
  • If u encounter a long delay at boot, it might be an entropy (randomness) problem, install haveged:
    apk add haveged
    rc-service haveged start
    rc-update add haveged default
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