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Primary Data Server

I need a server to hold my primary (raw) data, that has not been subjected to processing or any other manipulation. I need this because i don't know what tool i will use in the future. At the moment i might use Splunk and Graylog2. But if i decide to use other tooling, it might be difficult to export the data. When the primary data is still available i can import that in the new tooling.

Starting points:

  • As less processing as possible. Store data as text files.
  • Syslog capable.
  • FTP capable.
  • scp/sftp capable.
  • rsync capable.
  • Redundant storage.
  • Archiving / compression?
  • Montoring / expected file age.
  • Back-up.
  • Silent bit rot detection


  • ECC Memory

Configure storage

Incoming data will be stored locally on RAID10 redundant storage. It will then be synced over to a NFS share on a NAS for archiving and back-up. This way if the NAS suddenly isn't available, we will retry the rsync. If the NAS is available again the rsync will continue where it left off.

Configure backup

Configure a backup job on the NAS to remote storage.

Install the server

CentOS 6.5

Install receivers





scp/sftp capable


rsync capable



  • Services: sshd, vsftp, rsync, rsyslogd
  • Filesystems
  • File age, specific logging
  • Bit rot detection, local and NAS share.
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