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Routeros - prevent bufferbloat and prioritize host

  • Prevent bufferbloat by limiting up/download speed.
  • Prioritize host ( in this example)


  • Disable fasttrack connections in the 'IP Firewall' and 'IP Settings', otherwise this traffic will bypass queues.
  • Configure simple queues:
    # Parent queue, example vlan123 is inside LAN
    add dst=ether02-internet max-limit=20M/45M name=internet queue=sfq-default/sfq-default target=vlan123-lan total-queue=sfq-default
    # Prio host
    add dst=ether02-internet limit-at=10M/40M max-limit=18M/43M name=prio-host parent=internet priority=2/2 queue=sfq-default/sfq-default target= total-queue=sfq-default
    # Other traffic
    add dst=ether02-internet max-limit=18M/43M name=others parent=internet queue=sfq-default/sfq-default target= total-queue=sfq-default
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