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Upgrade AIX 7.1

First download the ML or TL files from the IBM fix central website.


If you installed a minimal AIX (without the default to install ALL devices), then install the file sets below manually, else upgrade might fail.


Create new filesystem /usr/sys/inst.images

mklv -t jfs2 -y instimglv datavg 5000
crfs -v jfs2 -d instimglv -m /usr/sys/inst.images -A yes
mount /usr/sys/inst.images


  • Log in as root
  • Optional! Rename the BFF files
bffcreate -c -d /usr/sys/inst.images
  • Create TOC
inutoc /usr/sys/inst.images
  • Verify currently installed software
lppchk -v
oslevel -s
  • Start update (with commit and accept license). This could take up to several hours.
install_all_updates -c -Y -d /usr/sys/inst.images
  • Reboot
shutdown -Fr
  • Verify
lppchk -v
oslevel -s
oslevel -rl 7100-02
instfix -i | grep ML


instfix -ic | grep ":-:"
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