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APC UPS NMC 2 firmware upgrade

NOTE! Please read this page first, you will notice i didn't RTFM first, don't make the same mistake :)

Info below is my troubleshoot session because i didn't RTFM ;-)

  • Download the latest firmware version from APC.
  • Extract the executable.
    $ unzip apc_hw05_aos611_sumx611_bootmon102.exe
    Archive:  apc_hw05_aos611_sumx611_bootmon102.exe
      inflating: apc_hw05_sumx_611.bin
      inflating: sumx_611_esEszhCnjaJaptBrkoKo.lpk
      inflating: sumx_611_frFrdeDeitItesEsptBr.lpk
      inflating: sumx_611_frFrdeDeruRuitItesEs.lpk
      inflating: sumx_611_frFrruRuzhCnjajakoKo.lpk
      inflating: config.txt
      inflating: FW_Upgrade_R2.exe
      inflating: iplist.txt
      inflating: winftp32.dll
      inflating: winftp32.lib
      inflating: apc_hw05_aos_611.bin
      inflating: apc_hw05_bootmon_102.bin
  • Copy the firmware to the NMC2.
    scp apc_hw05_aos_xxx.bin admin@
  • The firmware update will start and take a minute…
  • Log in with SSH and reboot the device.
  • At this time the NMC2 started, but not the web interface. The status via SSH was: P+ N+ A-
  • I tried the following, but it did not work:
    apc>resetToDef -p keepip
  • Format the NMC (DHCP would be handy now).
  • Log in with telnet via DHCP requested IP address. Username password apc/apc.
    User Name : apc
    Password  : ***
    American Power Conversion               Network Management Card AOS      v6.1.1
    (c) Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved
    Name      : apc952EE8                                 Date : 05/28/2012
    Contact   : Unknown                                   Time : 00:02:05
    Location  : Unknown                                   User : Super User
    Up Time   : 0 Days 0 Hours 2 Minutes                  Stat : P+ N4+ N6+ A-
    Type ? for command listing
    Use tcpip command for IP address(-i), subnet(-s), and gateway(-g)
  • Set IP address.
    apc>tcpip -i -s -g -d domain -h hostname
  • Reboot.
  • Still not working…
  • RTFM… update bootmon first, then AOS, then SUMX
  • Enable SSH again via telnet.
    apc>console -s enable
  • Upload bootmon.
    scp apc_hw05_bootmon_102.bin apc@
  • The SCP stalled… was not able to login via ssh, telnet or upload via ftp. But after a while i was able to login again via SSH. Rebooted and retried the upload via FTP, i uploaded the bootmon and SUMX.
  • The NMC rebooted itself.
  • And then i was able to use the Web GUI!

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